“I felt like Yemen was locked from the world… I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to know if my country is safe”
That is the reason for this blog, to write and show the world a Yemeni voice that's seeking change in a peaceful way, to show a voice of the many voices who want Freedom. Living abroad makes it harder to try and tell the world about Yemen and the peoples peaceful demands, but no matter how hard it is, trying does not hurt.  To make it clear,  I am not a politician, I am not an activist or a researcher. I am just a person with a voice.
 Me and the Yemen Revolution

I go by the name Najla, A young lady who wants nothing more than change in this world, especially in Yemen and the Arab world. A student and a New Artist.

I am making this blog so I can express myself behind a screen and tell my views to whoever is interested. As some of you have noticed I am a proud Arab Yemeni Muslim. Living in the UK, Liverpool but my heart is always in Yemen.

What I write is mainly my opinions, they are not facts! You don’t have to agree with me and certainly you don’t have to believe what I say.

Feedback is always welcomed.

For copyright reasons, none of the pictures that will be posted here is mine unless stated

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