Friday, 20 January 2012

Aden to become the capital of Yemen

No not yet... and this step is still a thinking process. 

But the minute I heard, "Yemen could be shifting political capital to Aden" I was suddenly wide awake and It brought hope back to me, honestly the past few weeks i was nearly losing hope in seeing a 'new' Yemen and not one that's going round in the same circles.

I was happy, not for the reason many would mention why Aden should be the capital, though those reasons alone would bring many hope back to people. I was happy for the Southerners, If Aden does become the capital then its a way to say to the south people that we trust them with Yemen, we understood them all those years that passed away and what they were trying to tell us.. they deserve to be recognized for the suffering they went through. 

It was nice to see many accepting this step, more pleased to see many Northerners accept especially those from Sanaa. With the little knowledge I have about the south and north issue, i thought such step would create more hate and therefore another city should be the capital such as Taiz where both groups don't mind it.

Aden is a beautiful city and would be a great city for capital as it has many things Sanaa lacks to have. With that said, Change would probably be much more quicker to happen in Yemen rather than if Sanaa stays the capital. 

A few reasons why Aden should be the capital are:

> Aden is more modern than Sanaa or any other city in Yemen. Sanaa  does not have the basic infrastructure that any modern city while Aden does.

> Developments would be much more easier to establish in Aden as its less crowded.

> Aden does not have many tribes in the city or surrounding it, and the little tribes that do have no major role in the city, unlike Sanaa where decision made in the city, tribes get their share of power. 

> Aden is also a beautiful peaceful city, it has a great seaport with a great geographical.

These are just a few reasons why Aden should be the capital... while its true, it would take time and a lot of money to shift Aden to the capital but it would have taken much more to fix Sanaa to make it a suitable modern city for the capital.

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