Tuesday, 20 December 2011

No Immunity for the Criminal Saleh- March from Taiz to Sanaa

Once again, it’s the people of Taiz making a move towards getting justice and Keeping the Revolution alive until all demands are met.

Today (20/12/11) thousands decided to make a march from Taiz second largest city in Yemen to Sanaa, 250kms by foot to remind people of their main demand and that is Yemen’s Ex. President Ali Abdullah Saleh must face trial for killing hundreds of peaceful protesters during this Revolution.

According to the Gulf News, one protester said:
"At least 15,000 protesters have signed up ... Our message is to express our dismay over the international community's stand who dealt with our cause as a political crisis between the ruling party and the opposition not as a revolution," a walking protester told Gulf News via telephone.

This is an Image of March of Today

And also here a video

You can support this March which will take about 5 days until these protesters reach Sanaa, by using this hash-tag on twitter to raise awareness of Yemen’s main demand and so that those who have lost a beloved one can get their justice. #Taiz2SanaaMarch

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