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Life Marchers – Day 1 to Day 3 Updates

First let me start by showing my disappointment of the lack of media coverage of the longest historical march by foot. I expected it to get a lot of media attention which sadly isn’t, so here I am trying my best to gather everything and put into one place just so at least people know how these Yemenis are so determined to get what they have demanded for. It’s not fair, that which in my opinion (not because I am a Yemeni) The Yemen Revolution is the most deserved one. Yemen is at the edge of breaking down and turning into another Somalia and yet not getting attention very much like other Revolutions and I am not being selfish or greedy here. Everyone deserves Freedom, but I hope there was fairness in giving attention to all, especially those that most need it. Anyway that’s a different topic; let’s just focus on the Life March from Taiz to Sanaa, by foot going to a distance of more than 250km that’s 155miles.

The Life March started on the 20/12/11 and now it is the 3rd day (22/12/11
@NoonArabia tweets:
The #LifeMarch has reached #Dhamar (my city), 100 Km away from #Sanaa.
So, The Life Marchers have crossed more than 150km so far, and they still have a long way still to go maybe about 2 days left. As they reached each city they were welcomed by huge celebrations from each city and some have even joined them, making the amount of Marchers bigger.

Of course with a long march like this, the marchers had foot wounds & laceration and were travelling in cold weather.

This is a video of interviews with the marchers who marched from Al-Nishma on 17/11/12 to the city of Taiz along with the most famous and which I personal Love, a song for Yemen.

From the video a women (2:37) Says: “I swear I swear we will not give up even if the last drop of blood from us fall, even if I was the last women of Yemen, we will not return, we will not return until Ali Abdullah Saleh has faced trial.”

Families wishing the marchers farewell, the marchers have left everything behind them, they were ready to go and they knew that they could not come back so they took the chance to leave everything behind them, visit their families, written letters etc.

“May god protect you protester! May god protect you” The people of Taiz screamed out as the marchers were making their way out from the heart city of the Revolution, Taiz.

There were about 25 women who joined the marchers; here is a video of some of the women that were marching along with their message.

This is Part of the march as it reached Al-Hawban area out of Taiz

Here, the marchers have reached Al-Qaeda district, People of Al-Qaeda district welcome the protesters in the march as they enter the district:

 Here the marchers have reached the city of Ibb and are happily marching:

After a whole day of walking, the marchers reached the city of IBB, they were welcomed by celebrations, tears, hugs and Fireworks were set up as well. Also were given dinner too.

A short message at the Freedom Square of Ibb:

Day two of the march spent the night at the city of Ibb and then Marchers made their way from the city of Ibb to Sanaa.

Marchers then made it to the city of Ya-Reem where they spent the night there.

You can call this craziness, but I call it braveness for the sake of Justice. As they reach the city of Ya-Reem, A man at the age of 25 with a 10 year old climb at the top of High Voltage tower holding the Yemeni Flag of unity to welcome the Marchers.

Marchers were full of spirit even though they were travelling in Cold weather, cramps, foot wounds & lacerations due to poor foot wear.

The marches passed a few other places which videos have not been uploaded yet:

@Shabadel informs us: 
#LifeMarch arrives at "Ketab" #Yemen
@Noonarabia tell us where the next stop would be: 
The #Lifemarch due for the next stop in #Dhamar (my city). Women bake Ka'aak, Yemeni goodies for the protesters. #Yemen

 @crazyyafai was telling us what will happen and what was going on in the City of Dhamar. 
The people of Thamar Province are getting the meals ready for the #Lifemarch . #Yemen

Thamar Province is getting ready for a huge march greeting the #Lifemarch . #Yemen
Also tweets informing us that:
Some news indicating that #Lifemarch might b in danger once reaching the province of Thamar cuz some thugs have been seen waiting. #Yemen
 @Sweetarabia Informs us that:  
#LifeMarch, the #Taizz march has been joined with an #Aden & #Dale march. Protesters are now growing in numbers, fast. Some are running. #YF

As news are coming in and no videos yet, Today  the marchers have reached the city of Dhamar right now.

From #Taiz to #Ibb, to #Yarim to #Dhamar.The ppl have welcomed #LifeMarch warmly &gave them any help they could. Amazing 2 Watch #yemen
You can follow all the live updates about the world’s longest foot march by following these two hash-tags on Twitter:#LifeMarch and #Taiz2SanaaMarch

@Mu_ath States what we Yemenis are seeing:
#LifeMarch , ppl of #Taiz r marching towards the future , to a new #Yemen , to a new chapter of history , I salute u revolutionaries
Let me finish this post by this powerful song with pictures of the march.

“I am the people, I am the people,  I don’t know the impossible!”

Please Note for copy-Right Reasons, None of the videos are mine, Please click on watch on You-tube to know who they belong to. Thanks.

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