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Day 3 to Day 5 (The heroes arrived!)

Continuous from Day 1 to Day 3 


Day 3, Life Marchers continued on with their march. In order to send a clear message to the world and to the Ex.President Saleh they needed to cross a journey of 260kms and they chose to walk that journey, to show a clear message of how important their demand is. They chose to walk in the difficulty roads of Yemen, through mountains some in bare feet, while others wore the popular typical sandals of Yemen which were very low quality but they didn’t care, even with blood and wounds on their feet’s they carried on walking the distance of 160miles to reach Sanaa even with under the really  cold weather. 

Sleep deprived, no place to sleep, middle of nowhere, expecting threats anytime, hungry tired. All that & they still moving on! #Yemen #LifeMarch
Life Marchers stayed at some cities to spend their night there where they slept in schools, in the floor some without blankets to keep them warm. These cities were first Ibb, then Ya-Reem, Dhamar, Maabar, Khidar then the goal, Sanaa.

Of course, Many Yemenis abroad and in Yemen were very proud of Yemen, they became the light that was hidden for a long time, they became the hope, they heroes of Yemen.

@Abe_Alansy tweets of how proud he is:
Very proud of my people, Yemeni People are showing the world powerful examples of peaceful struggle. #Yemen #LifeMarch #SupportYemen
Day 3, Life Marchers left the city of Ya-Reem Heading to Dhamar,

A video of women and children of the city of Ya-Reem, wishing the Marchers good byes and their Safety as they continue their journey to the aimed place, Sanaa.

Marchers making their way to Dhamar:

Day 3, Life Marchers reached the city of Dhamar where hundreds joined the Life Marchers alone from that city. Life Marchers were welcomed by huge celebrations; the people of that city were filled with tears and joy as they saw the Marchers passing by their city even tribes welcomed them and promised to protect them.

This is a video, of the welcoming from the people of Dhamar:

“Welcome Rebels welcome…”
And another one:

 "Victory comes from God... I swear we will not go back"

Same Day, Aljazeera Arabic report the LifeMarch

The Night in the city of Dhamar

 “Whether he signed or not (GCC deal) I swear we will not go back…”

Another, with the National Anthem


From Dhamar the Marchers next destination was a place to perform the Islamic Friday prayers.
That Friday was Named ‘March of Life’

During the Friday prayers, in many cities people came out to join the ceremony followed by support of the marchers. This is a report by Aljazeera Arabic about that Friday:

Also the city of Hajdah were some protester promised they will stay in the squares until Ali Abdullah Saleh faces trial and those who joined him with the crimes against the peaceful people of Yemen.

The Marchers reached the city of Maabar, where they performed their Friday prayers, given food and of course welcomed with celebrations.

Marchers leave Maabar heading to no particular places, they don’t make any stops only during the nights then very early in the morning they continue with their march.

This is a video from the marchers walking down passing by Ya-Sleh, in a very large number:

An Image of the marchers, just Imagine how hard this journey has been.

The Marchers spent the night Khidar despite cold weather, camping in Al-Farrok school and the nearby mosque:


The heroes arrived!

The women of Taiz couldn’t miss the moment to go out and congratulate themselves and thank their people for making it into the city of Sanaa:

That moment, not even I who wasn’t there can describe how it felt. We were so proud of them; we couldn’t hold our tears by just hearing they arrived and still aren’t giving up. About 3 million enter Sanaa and at that very moment more were still coming in, like a River that has no end to it. They were welcomed in by huge celebrations.

The massive Lifemarch as it enters Sanaa safely before it was attacked by Security forces:

Marchers started climbing & walking over tanks and armours that blocked the street near Sawad Camp, they were unstoppable, no one could stop them.

 Source and more pics Here

They wanted to head to the 70th square, that’s where the Presidential Palace is. But Marchers plus the protesters from Sanaa were faced from security forces (who did promise to protect the marchers) and some thugs that are pro Saleh, with live bullets, Water cannon and tear gas. Security forces were trying to split these people so they all go in different directions and obviously to stop them from going the presidential palace. About 10 were killed, one of whom was a woman and around 100 were injured, if not then more than that. 

These are some videos of the events that happened yesterday.
Revolution Youth being attacked in Sanaa Taiz St. by Central Forces

Part of the attacks against the marchers by the security Forces:

Marchers didn’t give up; they continued marching past Dar Salem, Taiz Street:

After all the attacks, finally some peace came for a few hours and the city of Sanaa begins to celebrate:

But not for long, These Marchers are still being attacked up until today (25/12/11) mostly aiming at the Marchers and the people of Taiz.

And Finally would like to finish with Sami Yusuf's song: I'm Your Hope:

"Do not Harm me... I am you're Truth"

Please do Visit the Main website for the LifeMarch at: Thanks!
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