Friday, 11 November 2011

A yemeni child, helps her mother give birth!

This story was told by: Nasser Maweri

This story happened today in my neighborhood and thought of sharing it with you.
A Poor family consists of a young man with his wife and 7 kids, they live in a very simple house in Sanaa. Sumayya, 8 years old girl is the oldest kid, blue eyed girl and looks so adorable, with her 6 years old blonde sister, Asma'a, she roams the neighborhood knocking on the doors, asking for the food left overs, they take whatever they get to their mum and 5 little brothers and sisters. The sweet smile of these adorable kids made everybody in the area feel sorry for how poor this family is and how they struggle to survive.
Today, when i came back from work i found my mother so depressed, I asked her "What's the matter mum?"

she said "Earlier today, i heard someone knocking on our door, when opened i saw Sumayya, Asma'a and their little brother, they were crying and yelling "Our mom is dying, our mom is dying..." I asked them what's happening?! Sumayya replied with tears rolling on her cheek "Mum is giving birth and she is dying... please tell your son to get his car and take my mum to any hospital, please!"

I told them "My son is not here right now, but i will call him and tell him to come.." The kids went back home and my mum was calling me but unfortunately my cell phone was in the car.

My mother added, Then, about an hour later, Sumayya came and told me that her mum is OK and she gave birth to a baby girl "We named her Yasmeen" Sumayya said with a smile on her face.

My mother : I am glad, but who helped your mum, Sumayya?

Sumayya : I did

My Mother: You! No way! you stood with your mother? and who cut the baby's Umbilical cord, cleaned the baby covered her and did all that?

Sumayya: Hmmm, In fact, my mom used to tell me what to do, and i would do as she says.. So yeah i did all that.. with some help from my sister Asma'a she said looking at her sister and smiled.

How is your mother now?

She is OK! but when we came crying that time, she was in a comma from all the pain she was suffering, we freaked out and thought she died, so i thought we should tell your son to take her on the car to any hospital.

Oh my dear, I called him but he didn't answer, I am so sorry. But where was your father in all this?

He wasn't home, and he doesn't have a cell phone so we couldn't cal him (The father is unemployed, not educated and lost hope, so he is lazy and doesn't really care much about working and bringing food for his 7 kids and poor wife, and most probably he is satisfied with the little amounts of food his daughters get from the neighbors).

My mother also told me that the wife is still in her late twenties or early thirties, and she has as much as 8 kids now! (Mashallah) and with this new born baby Yasmeen the struggle of this family increases and continues.

End of story...

This story raised a lot of questions to my mind, because i am sure there are many families who suffer under the rule of this corrupt regime that keeps increasing their wealth without thinking of such poor people, thousands of people are suffering and the regime did nothing to help them!

Who is responsible of their pain?
Why did Sumayya and her family had to face all this in an oil producing country, a country that is so rich if it wasn't ruled by thieves?

I wonder, how bad will this terrible incident Sumayya experienced, Will mentally effect her, her brothers and her sisters in the present and future?

If this little girl was in another country, will she have to face all this pain and struggle? What will Ali Abdullah (president of Yemen) say to God when he asks him about this poor woman who couldn't afford the expenses of giving birth in a hospital, what will he say when he is asked about all the pain this woman suffered and is suffering?

This is just one story from thousands of stories poor families in Yemen face every single day, a story of struggle and endless pain during the rule of Saleh and his family, who don't care about all these poor people who go through hell, who can't even have their basic human rights of health, education and a decent life!

I'd like to send a message to those who still support Saleh and his corrupt regime, what are you waiting for? what do u expect from a regime that couldn't help Yemenis and kept them suffocating with their sighs of pain for as long as 33 years?

We will keep fighting for our rights for the rights of these poor innocent people.. We will end the era of Saleh and his corrupt regime, and we Will build our new Yemen.


My comment:
This story has saddened me, i saw ten's of Sumayya's before, i saw their suffering, i saw their forced fate. I saw their marriage, their smiles of all the clothes they got for their marriage, yet not knowing what they are getting into... not knowing their childhood is being destroyed. Sumayya will probably, end up being a child bride too, by the age of 10 she could be married. Could lose her childhood. All because, a family this big cannot afford anything, not a single thing!

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