Friday, 11 November 2011

Women in the streets!!

100’s or
shall I say 1000’s? ... Of Yemeni women went out in to the streets asking for Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, asking for their freedom and rights. While Yemenis surprised the world that even though they own weapons, and even though people thought about them differently, one of which Yemenis are not highly educated they still went out peacefully protesting against Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down with his regime.  But what surprised a lot of people were the Yemeni women, which became an important topic discussed everywhere and not only just among the media. What was so surprising? I thought... only to later find out people thought the Yemeni women was oppressed.

Gamal Noman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

While still
today some Yemeni women are still oppressed. We cannot deny that.  We can only blame Ali Abdullah Saleh for that, for thinking so low of women! In one of his Friday speeches, like always tried to attack the protester with his nonsense. One of his Friday speeches, it was the women time attack by his nonsense. Saleh remarked that it was un-Islamic for women to join men at demonstrations.

Un-Islamic? Who gave him the right to speak about religion, as if he was so knowledgeable about Islam! ...Yemeni women went out protesting fully dressed modestly, some wearing face veil. Went out for the purpose to fight for their freedom, and he’s saying that’s unislamic? What about when the prophet’s wife, Khadeeja the business women worked along with other men, is that unislamic too? You tell us its haraam (forbidden), but isn’t killing haraam?

After his remarks, more women went out protesting against his remarks. Women wanted to prove him wrong!  More than 5,000 women went out. They chanted "Oh youth, the honour of women has been slandered," referring to Saleh's remarks. As well as “Oh Bilqis, oh Bilqis, tell your father we don’t want crazy talk,” in reference to both one of Mr. Saleh’s daughters and a very old queen who ruled Yemen thousands of years ago.
Samia al-Aghbari, a leader in the protest movement. Said:
"It seems that President Saleh failed in all his
efforts to employ tribes and security to strike at those seeking his exit, and
so he resorted to using religion, especially after he saw that thousands of
women were taking part in protests,"
Yes it was just another attempt of his to send the potesters back home... while this happened a while back, I just wanted to write about how important it was for women to stand up against oppression, stand up for their rights and freedom... And still after about 5 months protesting women are still in the streets protesting, same in Libya and Syria. Respect to women!

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