Friday, 11 November 2011

We are in need of another Ibrahim Al-Hamdi

Its sad
now-a-days Yemenis are treated like a bunch of dogs. Some aren’t respected for who they are and what they have. I can only ask what has happened, for people to decide to treat us with disrespect. Even by our neighbour countries.

Yemenis are all
over the world, Some travel so far away from their families and sometimes it takes them more than 20 years until they could see their family again, They never chose this life for themselves, out of hunger, out of less freedom, out of hardship they chose to seek a better life, where they can earn some basic rights, education, health and earn money to help them and their families. They work so hard to get these basic things and yet still people don’t appreciate that, yet they treat them with disrespect. Not only are they treated with disrespect, but some are tortured. A human rights crime!

Back to my
question, what has happened? Wasn’t we treated with respect when Ibrahim Al-hamdi was our president? Didn’t he respect his people and treated us like we were so great? What has happened to our country since Al-Hamdi passed away?

Yes, we still
remember the great man, our president, Ibrahim Al-Hamdi, even though having been murdered in the late 1970s. He was a symbol and will remain a symbol of good governance.  The more I hear about this man, the more I respect him, the more I feel proud to be Yemeni. He gave Yemen the wealth, peace, security and stability. He made people feel safe! He worked so hard to bring justice to everyone and was very kind and pleasant with all his people, we will continue to remember this great man and speak of him highly and our children will continue to speak about him after us. Just like my great fathers spoke about him to us.

Yemenis, have proven to the world, they are not to be treated with disrespect, they are people of peace, they are the people of Al-hamdi! And that Yemen is a peaceful nation.

We are in need of another Ibrahim Al-Hamdi


  1. Ibrahim Al-Hamdi is without doubt the best leader Yemen has seen in living history and the greated inspiration for me possible, he must be turning in his grave at thought of Saleh leading Yemen.

  2. Ibrahim alhamdi, the President we adore so much though never witnessed his era :( :(