Saturday, 12 November 2011

Reuters can no longer be trusted!

It’s very frustrating to know that something you trust can no longer be trusted. Today I found out that one of the biggest media sources ‘’ is no longer to be trusted.

We used to trust it and quote Reuters. Only later to found out the personal Translator and Secretary For Saleh is the manager of an Reuters Office In Yemen and also a reporter for Reuters, Reporting for a dictator!

The biggest media source is under Saleh, a dictator… how can we ever trust any news about Yemen from Reuters? How can Reuters have a reporter who is also the manager of Reuters office works as a secretary and Translator for Saleh? Reuters uses their managers for reporting service which is just appalling! 

Many news sources depend and quote Reuters for news, while their own reporters work for dictators. Their reports on Yemen are always biased and inaccurate!

This person is called Muhammad Suddam! 

This is a link to Muhammad Suddam Facebook account:
....and these are pictures of him with Saleh, which is the biggest prove we can provide.

Reuters should be hold responsibility for all news that was spread from them about Yemen to suit Saleh!

Please dear followers of the Yemen Revolution believe this and spread it around; we can’t let people play around with our Revolution anymore!


  1. Najla .... It's a shame on them and by the way sis We knew it afew months ago

  2. It really is a shame on them... i just found out today.. i wish some yemenis spoke about it since the day they found out.. Many ppl quote and rely on Reuters which is really disappointing.

  3. I'm in shock,i can't beleive this news.....All Yemenis are sad and angry at the network Reuters during 9 months of the transfer of the events in Yemen without credibility and professional and i was wonder why Reuters weak performance in Yemen, now iam know why!
    We want an apology from Reuters for