Friday, 11 November 2011

Our Message! From Yemen

Video posted by WADEE78

To all conscience in the world,

We address you this letter to speak to the human values within you. Our desired dream is of every nation seeking Freedom and Equality to live within dignity.

We want to tell you that if we have lived like other Human beings, we would not leave our homes and live in the street, facing tools of murder and lethality.

We believed in the justice of our case and our legitimate demands and our right to obtain a modern civil state like all other nations, but what we have been facing is Murder, Oppressive practices and Starvation policies.

In the light of these continued violations, we urge you to pay attention towards our suffering and leave your terrible silence which gives the right to the dying regimes to commit more crimes against humans on this earth….

Our crime, on the other side, is seeking the precious life, to enable our children to live safely and freely making them able to build their future by themselves and make a glory to their home countries.
Our dreams are the same as yours, but the difference is that your dreams are living with you to achieve them, while our dreams are dying with us before they are achieved.

Finally, we ensure that we will not retreat from our rights and we will continue our peaceful struggles and protests until we realize our revolution aims, we hope you will be fair to bear your humanitarian responsibility towards our case.

From the peaceful youth in change squares of Yemen.

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