Friday, 11 November 2011

NO, Its not a Blacks issue! (UK Riot)

Old post, written on: 10/08/11

This year has been a unique year for me and a lot of people. So many things happened since the beginning of the year. I am talking about wordly issues such as the Arab spring... We have people in the streets fighting for their freedom peacefully, people fighting starvation, for basic right, jobs etc. But here in the UK it’s a different story. UK Riots

Mark Duggan, black young man from London was shot by the police for unknown reasons up to now. Some say because he was carrying a gun and another reason because he tried to shoot the police before he was shot dead though the latest reports show otherwise.  Up to now we don’t know the complete story. This poor man was shot yes, but why? All we know is that the police officers are not allowed to shoot unless they fear there is a life threat to them. I am wondering why Mark Duggan was holding a gun in the first place that is if he was really holding a gun. I honestly don’t know but some have said that his cousin was killed and out of fear he carried a gun to protect himself... Whatever the reasons are or why this poor man was shot, this is not my focus in this post.

My focus is what on earth is going on in the UK? Did the Black community in London really go out to simply damage, steal, fight etc because of Mark Duggan? No this can’t be. I am sure the black community is wise enough not to do that. I know that if wanted to do something about it they would do it the way Martin Luther king did, the one who fighted for the rights of the blacks peacefully. Though it’s said that’s how It started then some youth started going mad. Let me share this
quote by Martin Luther King about Riot.
"It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight & condemn
riots... a riot is the language of the unheard." Martin Luther King
What’s happening is not blacks issue and neither it is about Mark Duggan. These are just a bunch of youth with no brains! Who are copying each other all over the country? I am abousolutly sickened by these behaviours and really angry about it. I am trying to understand why these youth are doing this, what’s their purpose? I reasoned with myself and I came to think, it might be because of the country’s cuts down, or because people don’t have jobs. But the latest reports say that most of these youths are undergraduates, some have jobs and some are still students. So why are these youths destroying their own country. Is it greed or what?

I honestly just hope that this doesn’t turn to be a racism issue against the Blacks. Because a lot of people, white and black are involved in this. Take the human colour out of this.

Note:  news about the UK Riots are updated very fast, this could be old news by now especially about Mark Duggan.


  1. Thank you for sharing, however what I personally would like is a more indepth analysis from someone placed within the local context. Everything you mentioned is already in news and opinion pieces. However it still is quite amazing how country like the UK would produce images we’re used to seeing in the third world and end-of-days movies, scenes of total anarchy and disregard for the holies of civilization; public facilities, the police, human life etc…

    thanks again, ramadan kareem

  2. Sorry for taking long to approve your comment. The post was just my opinions, main focus was that the Blacks shouldnt be blamed for this which some people are already blaming them. News about this is updated very fast, its hard to keep up with all the news. You know what its nothing new the youth in here has always been like that, by the age 11 they are already smoking, girls at 14 are already pregnant and by the age 16 they are already in gangs dealing with drugs. The only difference is that they took it too far. Atleast the police cant be compared to the police of the arab world.

    Thanks for your comment, Ramadan Kareem to you too.