Friday, 11 November 2011

No Immunity for Criminals

It’s nearly the 10th month since the birth of Yemen Peaceful Revolution, which now marks the longest Revolution in this year’s Arab spring, 2011 and marks the longest peaceful Revolution in history.

10 months on and not a suitable solution has been placed to the Yemeni people. We aren’t seeing real support from countries yet; many are ignoring the demands of the Yemeni people and staying far away!
We expected countries to show real support after 9 months of continues patience from the people and murder from Saleh and His regime. But people are still calling this Revolution crisis meaning looking for a solution. The solution is clear since the start of the Revolution. The Yemeni people demanded Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down and hand power to the people.

After The U.N resolution came out and the U.N. Security Council urged President Ali Abdullah Saleh to sign a deal calling for him to step down in exchange for immunity. He replied with yet another of his already ‘so used to’ lie that Yemeni government was ready to "deal positively" with a resolution approved by the U.N. Following on that Friday Yemen experienced heavy fighting after the UN resolution.

The UN resolution came out October 2011, It is now November. And crimes against the Yemeni people still continue up until now. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative, Which Saleh keeps welcoming and backed off from signing the Initiative 3 or 4 times since the start of the Revolution. Which is now becoming useless, as neither Saleh took it seriously (even though, It gave Saleh a great deal of help for him to step down peacefully and Guaranteed him he will be safe) But the people no longer want/agree of the GCC initiative after all the crimes committed against them.

Today marks the date 11/11/2011, The 40th Friday of the Revolution named “No immunity for criminals” This name was given after the worlds recent talks about agreement soon in Yemen. Every time the world speaks about making agreement for Yemen; you are expected to see a bloody Yemen the very Next day. During the Friday sermon today, Saleh’s forces killed 11, 3 of which are women and 2 children and wounded over 20.

Here are a few videos of the crimes committed against the people in the heart of the city Taiz, where the Revolution started from.

Video from the very moment when the shells hit women gathering at Taiz freedom square:

Video posted by FreeDomTaiz
@YusraAlA : “Hani Al-Shaibani, 24 yrs old, was killed by #Saleh's shells that landed in his house -his bedroom blowing his head off in #Taiz today #Yemen.”
Here is the Video, Warning VERY GRAPHIC (18+)

Video posted by FreeDomTaiz

And another Video of the 3 Women martyrs in Taiz today. Called: Zainab Al-Odain, Yasmeen Saeed Al-Asbah and Tufaha Al-Antar. RIP

Video posted by mediacentersanaa

This is just some of the crimes committed today, crimes still continue right up until now. Shelling still continue as I write this. The Yemeni people are sick of people talking about immunity for Saleh. We no longer accept any Immunity for a criminal!

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