Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Arab Uprising - a quick overview

The Arab Uprising - A quick overview for those who dont know much about it.

What is the Arab Spring

The Arab spring, was and still is, up to now, turning from Arab spring to Arab winter is still on going. The Arab spring was an a largely turn out in the Arab world, where millions came out to protest and demonstrate for one thing only and that is the Fall of the Regime and a president who has been leading a country for more than 20 years  which is surprising if your and Arab. These Arab leaders have kept the same Regime and kept themselves as leaders for years, some more than 20 years and for some more than 40 years. The Arabs demanded an end to these leaders and regimes. Which for some like myself as an Arab have not known any other leader apart from the current ones since I was born.

These protests started off in Tunisia then sparked across to other Arab countries, From Tunisia to Egypt then to Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.  These countries are the on-going Revolutions right up to now. There have been other small protests in other Arab countries which didn’t raise much attention and the people of the country quit after a while especially those countries where not so many people came out to the protests.

Protests and demonstrations turned out to campaigning in the streets, living in the streets which made a great impact on the success of these Revolutions.

Success in the term that these Millions of people succeeded in making their leader fall, Maybe not in the term that the country is now ‘fine’ because these revolted countries are not and are still out there demanding their rights and a new country. 

These countries paid a very high price, their leader did not give up so easily, Leaders fighted back with weapons killing thousands of people while the people remained ‘peaceful’. These people remained peaceful while being attacked and that is the reason which created so much attention around the world. And later on became very influential where not only in the Arab world but in other countries even in Europe where people went out to demand their rights.

Arabs became creative in their Revolution, they used Friday of the week which they would give a name to such as ‘Victory will come’. The reason I think they have chosen Fridays is that it marks the end of the week in the Arab world and it’s a special day for Muslims where every Muslim must go out and pray in their mosques. Due to all going out to pray many then later joined in the protests. Friday is the day where they all gathered around.

What causes it?

It all started when the now called ‘hero’ Muhammad Bouazizi, a Tunisian young man set himself on fire in a protest while alive which resulted in his death. For the reason “of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he reported was inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides”

He was a 26 year-old in university. He was selling fruit and vegetables in a cart to support his family..

While that was one of the causes of the Revolution in Tunisia, many went out not only against these policemen who humiliated Muhammad but for many reasons such as:

  • ·         POVERTY
  • ·         UNEMPLYMENT
  • ·         OPPRESSION
  • ·         BAD EDUCATION
  • ·         CORRPTION

Why it happened now?

For years people were scared to go out, because of what will happen to them, they will get caught put in prisons, killed or tortured to death.

But after Muhammad setting himself of Fire, the Arabs patience has exceeded its limits, people no longer wanted to be afraid, they wanted to go out and scream for freedom no matter what it could cost them.
I think that if news media and social networking didn’t exit or where not fast enough, these revolutions wouldn’t have succeeded at all. The social networking especially was a great impact on these revolutions. People started sending live updates from where they were at while being safe from being caught.

What is the aim of the Revolution

The aim of these Revolutions was/where to first make the regime and the leader to fall, to get rid of Tyrants, dictators and the corruption.  Then put these leaders on trial to pay for all their crimes committed against humanity since they day they started leading. Like Hosni Mubarak who was the president of Egypt who is now on trial. After that people’s main aim was to build a new country where freedom is available and all rights are given to all people.

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