Friday, 20 January 2012

Aden to become the capital of Yemen

No not yet... and this step is still a thinking process. 

But the minute I heard, "Yemen could be shifting political capital to Aden" I was suddenly wide awake and It brought hope back to me, honestly the past few weeks i was nearly losing hope in seeing a 'new' Yemen and not one that's going round in the same circles.

I was happy, not for the reason many would mention why Aden should be the capital, though those reasons alone would bring many hope back to people. I was happy for the Southerners, If Aden does become the capital then its a way to say to the south people that we trust them with Yemen, we understood them all those years that passed away and what they were trying to tell us.. they deserve to be recognized for the suffering they went through. 

It was nice to see many accepting this step, more pleased to see many Northerners accept especially those from Sanaa. With the little knowledge I have about the south and north issue, i thought such step would create more hate and therefore another city should be the capital such as Taiz where both groups don't mind it.

Aden is a beautiful city and would be a great city for capital as it has many things Sanaa lacks to have. With that said, Change would probably be much more quicker to happen in Yemen rather than if Sanaa stays the capital. 

A few reasons why Aden should be the capital are:

> Aden is more modern than Sanaa or any other city in Yemen. Sanaa  does not have the basic infrastructure that any modern city while Aden does.

> Developments would be much more easier to establish in Aden as its less crowded.

> Aden does not have many tribes in the city or surrounding it, and the little tribes that do have no major role in the city, unlike Sanaa where decision made in the city, tribes get their share of power. 

> Aden is also a beautiful peaceful city, it has a great seaport with a great geographical.

These are just a few reasons why Aden should be the capital... while its true, it would take time and a lot of money to shift Aden to the capital but it would have taken much more to fix Sanaa to make it a suitable modern city for the capital.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Day 3 to Day 5 (The heroes arrived!)

Continuous from Day 1 to Day 3 


Day 3, Life Marchers continued on with their march. In order to send a clear message to the world and to the Ex.President Saleh they needed to cross a journey of 260kms and they chose to walk that journey, to show a clear message of how important their demand is. They chose to walk in the difficulty roads of Yemen, through mountains some in bare feet, while others wore the popular typical sandals of Yemen which were very low quality but they didn’t care, even with blood and wounds on their feet’s they carried on walking the distance of 160miles to reach Sanaa even with under the really  cold weather. 

Sleep deprived, no place to sleep, middle of nowhere, expecting threats anytime, hungry tired. All that & they still moving on! #Yemen #LifeMarch
Life Marchers stayed at some cities to spend their night there where they slept in schools, in the floor some without blankets to keep them warm. These cities were first Ibb, then Ya-Reem, Dhamar, Maabar, Khidar then the goal, Sanaa.

Of course, Many Yemenis abroad and in Yemen were very proud of Yemen, they became the light that was hidden for a long time, they became the hope, they heroes of Yemen.

@Abe_Alansy tweets of how proud he is:
Very proud of my people, Yemeni People are showing the world powerful examples of peaceful struggle. #Yemen #LifeMarch #SupportYemen
Day 3, Life Marchers left the city of Ya-Reem Heading to Dhamar,

A video of women and children of the city of Ya-Reem, wishing the Marchers good byes and their Safety as they continue their journey to the aimed place, Sanaa.

Marchers making their way to Dhamar:

Day 3, Life Marchers reached the city of Dhamar where hundreds joined the Life Marchers alone from that city. Life Marchers were welcomed by huge celebrations; the people of that city were filled with tears and joy as they saw the Marchers passing by their city even tribes welcomed them and promised to protect them.

This is a video, of the welcoming from the people of Dhamar:

“Welcome Rebels welcome…”
And another one:

 "Victory comes from God... I swear we will not go back"

Same Day, Aljazeera Arabic report the LifeMarch

The Night in the city of Dhamar

 “Whether he signed or not (GCC deal) I swear we will not go back…”

Another, with the National Anthem


From Dhamar the Marchers next destination was a place to perform the Islamic Friday prayers.
That Friday was Named ‘March of Life’

During the Friday prayers, in many cities people came out to join the ceremony followed by support of the marchers. This is a report by Aljazeera Arabic about that Friday:

Also the city of Hajdah were some protester promised they will stay in the squares until Ali Abdullah Saleh faces trial and those who joined him with the crimes against the peaceful people of Yemen.

The Marchers reached the city of Maabar, where they performed their Friday prayers, given food and of course welcomed with celebrations.

Marchers leave Maabar heading to no particular places, they don’t make any stops only during the nights then very early in the morning they continue with their march.

This is a video from the marchers walking down passing by Ya-Sleh, in a very large number:

An Image of the marchers, just Imagine how hard this journey has been.

The Marchers spent the night Khidar despite cold weather, camping in Al-Farrok school and the nearby mosque:


The heroes arrived!

The women of Taiz couldn’t miss the moment to go out and congratulate themselves and thank their people for making it into the city of Sanaa:

That moment, not even I who wasn’t there can describe how it felt. We were so proud of them; we couldn’t hold our tears by just hearing they arrived and still aren’t giving up. About 3 million enter Sanaa and at that very moment more were still coming in, like a River that has no end to it. They were welcomed in by huge celebrations.

The massive Lifemarch as it enters Sanaa safely before it was attacked by Security forces:

Marchers started climbing & walking over tanks and armours that blocked the street near Sawad Camp, they were unstoppable, no one could stop them.

 Source and more pics Here

They wanted to head to the 70th square, that’s where the Presidential Palace is. But Marchers plus the protesters from Sanaa were faced from security forces (who did promise to protect the marchers) and some thugs that are pro Saleh, with live bullets, Water cannon and tear gas. Security forces were trying to split these people so they all go in different directions and obviously to stop them from going the presidential palace. About 10 were killed, one of whom was a woman and around 100 were injured, if not then more than that. 

These are some videos of the events that happened yesterday.
Revolution Youth being attacked in Sanaa Taiz St. by Central Forces

Part of the attacks against the marchers by the security Forces:

Marchers didn’t give up; they continued marching past Dar Salem, Taiz Street:

After all the attacks, finally some peace came for a few hours and the city of Sanaa begins to celebrate:

But not for long, These Marchers are still being attacked up until today (25/12/11) mostly aiming at the Marchers and the people of Taiz.

And Finally would like to finish with Sami Yusuf's song: I'm Your Hope:

"Do not Harm me... I am you're Truth"

Please do Visit the Main website for the LifeMarch at: Thanks!
Please Note for copy-Right Reasons, None of the videos are mine, Please click on watch on You-tube to know who they belong to. Thanks.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Life Marchers – Day 1 to Day 3 Updates

First let me start by showing my disappointment of the lack of media coverage of the longest historical march by foot. I expected it to get a lot of media attention which sadly isn’t, so here I am trying my best to gather everything and put into one place just so at least people know how these Yemenis are so determined to get what they have demanded for. It’s not fair, that which in my opinion (not because I am a Yemeni) The Yemen Revolution is the most deserved one. Yemen is at the edge of breaking down and turning into another Somalia and yet not getting attention very much like other Revolutions and I am not being selfish or greedy here. Everyone deserves Freedom, but I hope there was fairness in giving attention to all, especially those that most need it. Anyway that’s a different topic; let’s just focus on the Life March from Taiz to Sanaa, by foot going to a distance of more than 250km that’s 155miles.

The Life March started on the 20/12/11 and now it is the 3rd day (22/12/11
@NoonArabia tweets:
The #LifeMarch has reached #Dhamar (my city), 100 Km away from #Sanaa.
So, The Life Marchers have crossed more than 150km so far, and they still have a long way still to go maybe about 2 days left. As they reached each city they were welcomed by huge celebrations from each city and some have even joined them, making the amount of Marchers bigger.

Of course with a long march like this, the marchers had foot wounds & laceration and were travelling in cold weather.

This is a video of interviews with the marchers who marched from Al-Nishma on 17/11/12 to the city of Taiz along with the most famous and which I personal Love, a song for Yemen.

From the video a women (2:37) Says: “I swear I swear we will not give up even if the last drop of blood from us fall, even if I was the last women of Yemen, we will not return, we will not return until Ali Abdullah Saleh has faced trial.”

Families wishing the marchers farewell, the marchers have left everything behind them, they were ready to go and they knew that they could not come back so they took the chance to leave everything behind them, visit their families, written letters etc.

“May god protect you protester! May god protect you” The people of Taiz screamed out as the marchers were making their way out from the heart city of the Revolution, Taiz.

There were about 25 women who joined the marchers; here is a video of some of the women that were marching along with their message.

This is Part of the march as it reached Al-Hawban area out of Taiz

Here, the marchers have reached Al-Qaeda district, People of Al-Qaeda district welcome the protesters in the march as they enter the district:

 Here the marchers have reached the city of Ibb and are happily marching:

After a whole day of walking, the marchers reached the city of IBB, they were welcomed by celebrations, tears, hugs and Fireworks were set up as well. Also were given dinner too.

A short message at the Freedom Square of Ibb:

Day two of the march spent the night at the city of Ibb and then Marchers made their way from the city of Ibb to Sanaa.

Marchers then made it to the city of Ya-Reem where they spent the night there.

You can call this craziness, but I call it braveness for the sake of Justice. As they reach the city of Ya-Reem, A man at the age of 25 with a 10 year old climb at the top of High Voltage tower holding the Yemeni Flag of unity to welcome the Marchers.

Marchers were full of spirit even though they were travelling in Cold weather, cramps, foot wounds & lacerations due to poor foot wear.

The marches passed a few other places which videos have not been uploaded yet:

@Shabadel informs us: 
#LifeMarch arrives at "Ketab" #Yemen
@Noonarabia tell us where the next stop would be: 
The #Lifemarch due for the next stop in #Dhamar (my city). Women bake Ka'aak, Yemeni goodies for the protesters. #Yemen

 @crazyyafai was telling us what will happen and what was going on in the City of Dhamar. 
The people of Thamar Province are getting the meals ready for the #Lifemarch . #Yemen

Thamar Province is getting ready for a huge march greeting the #Lifemarch . #Yemen
Also tweets informing us that:
Some news indicating that #Lifemarch might b in danger once reaching the province of Thamar cuz some thugs have been seen waiting. #Yemen
 @Sweetarabia Informs us that:  
#LifeMarch, the #Taizz march has been joined with an #Aden & #Dale march. Protesters are now growing in numbers, fast. Some are running. #YF

As news are coming in and no videos yet, Today  the marchers have reached the city of Dhamar right now.

From #Taiz to #Ibb, to #Yarim to #Dhamar.The ppl have welcomed #LifeMarch warmly &gave them any help they could. Amazing 2 Watch #yemen
You can follow all the live updates about the world’s longest foot march by following these two hash-tags on Twitter:#LifeMarch and #Taiz2SanaaMarch

@Mu_ath States what we Yemenis are seeing:
#LifeMarch , ppl of #Taiz r marching towards the future , to a new #Yemen , to a new chapter of history , I salute u revolutionaries
Let me finish this post by this powerful song with pictures of the march.

“I am the people, I am the people,  I don’t know the impossible!”

Please Note for copy-Right Reasons, None of the videos are mine, Please click on watch on You-tube to know who they belong to. Thanks.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Videos of the March from Taiz to Sanaa

A March is taking place from Taiz to Sanaa which will at least take 5 days as it will be a march by foot (250kms) to demand the trial of Ali Abdullah Saleh for killing peaceful protesters during this Revolution of Yemen. Here are some videos of the March so far. All on the same date: 20/12/11

In this Video, Warplanes are flying over the protesters...


This is before they left Freedom square in Taiz to Sanaa, Making speeches.

The march with powerful slogans, being shouted.

Close-up on the amount of people, taking this march.

For more Information on this march, Follow this Hash-tag on Twitter #Taiz2SanaaMarch

No Immunity for the Criminal Saleh- March from Taiz to Sanaa

Once again, it’s the people of Taiz making a move towards getting justice and Keeping the Revolution alive until all demands are met.

Today (20/12/11) thousands decided to make a march from Taiz second largest city in Yemen to Sanaa, 250kms by foot to remind people of their main demand and that is Yemen’s Ex. President Ali Abdullah Saleh must face trial for killing hundreds of peaceful protesters during this Revolution.

According to the Gulf News, one protester said:
"At least 15,000 protesters have signed up ... Our message is to express our dismay over the international community's stand who dealt with our cause as a political crisis between the ruling party and the opposition not as a revolution," a walking protester told Gulf News via telephone.

This is an Image of March of Today

And also here a video

You can support this March which will take about 5 days until these protesters reach Sanaa, by using this hash-tag on twitter to raise awareness of Yemen’s main demand and so that those who have lost a beloved one can get their justice. #Taiz2SanaaMarch

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Thank You Taiz

Thank You Taiz

When it comes to Taiz, what am I supposed to do? What can I write? Shall I write true stories of those torn apart and emotionally distraught mothers who lost their sons, husbands or even their daughters? Or shall I write about the suffering of this great City that was bullied by one of the wanted criminal in Yemen? Or shall I write of how beautiful this country was or about the struggles of this City? Whatever I write it is never enough to show the horrific scenes this city is faced with and never enough to show how this city made a difference in Yemen. 

We Yemenis say Thank you Taiz, Thank you for starting something that should have been started many years ago. Thank you for standing against corruption, Thank you for your struggles to give Yemen Freedom, Thank you for the heroes you have lost for the sake of a better a better Yemen. Thank you simply for being who you are and remaining strong and brave. Of course Thank you is still not enough but it’s the least we can say to this city and the people of this City.

Taiz is Yemen’s third largest city and the Heart city of Yemen’s peaceful Revolution 2011. The peaceful Revolution started from Taiz where the response to it wasn’t very nice since the start of the Revolution. Since it was the first city that came out demanding for freedom and basic rights, the corrupt regime of the Ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh did not answer back peaceful, like it should be. But since the start of the Revolution that City has been harshly bullied by this regime. This is the city that stood strong while being attacked nearly on a daily bases, this is the most suffered city from this Regime during this peaceful Revolution. This is the city that was massacred on May 26, 2011. That day the freedom Square of Taiz was attacked, the tents in the sit-in area was set on fire, which burnt the whole tents, Many people died, some people on wheel chairs couldn’t run for their life, they were burnt alive and there was many injures. That day, to many Yemenis especially from the city of Taiz who witnessed the scene can never forget that day. 

From this city, the first woman was killed by this regime, Azizah Othman from Taiz, the first Yemeni women to be killed by the current regime and many more women followed her.

Taiz the city that had the most lost from the beginning of the Revolution, Lost their men, their women and their children. Right up to now this city is still being bullied, on November 23 the GCC deal was signed by Saleh… Right up to now I and many Yemenis don’t know what Saleh agreed on. All I know is that the GCC deal is supposed to be standing with the people of Yemen, but that is not how it is. We haven’t seen any good changes since the GCC deal was signed apart from more violence. What does that tell us? The truth is that this Deal is only there for the favour of Saleh. After the GCC deal was signed, a day after, Taiz was shelled by Saleh’s forces.  Wasn’t violence supposed to end now that the GCC deal was signed? This deal did not do anything for Taiz that has been suffering from this Regime for now crossing 10 months and neither did it do anything for the rest of the country. Right up until now as I am writing this Taiz is still being attacked the most.

Taiz did not only become the heart city of the peaceful revolution but also the bleeding heart of Yemen. My pain for Taiz is too deep to the point where I can’t cry anymore, I can’t cry for those women that are being killed one after another, or for the children of that are being killed before they have reached their teenage years. I want to cry to bring me back to reality but what’s the point, what are my tears going to do? I want to scream ‘Help Taiz’ but who is there to hear the cries of Taiz or to see the blood of Taiz? 

We won’t forget you Taiz, like it’s usually said where every story begins; it’s where every story ends. Saleh and his regime won’t end you or our Revolution; you are the city that is keeping our Revolution alive.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Arab Uprising - a quick overview

The Arab Uprising - A quick overview for those who dont know much about it.

What is the Arab Spring

The Arab spring, was and still is, up to now, turning from Arab spring to Arab winter is still on going. The Arab spring was an a largely turn out in the Arab world, where millions came out to protest and demonstrate for one thing only and that is the Fall of the Regime and a president who has been leading a country for more than 20 years  which is surprising if your and Arab. These Arab leaders have kept the same Regime and kept themselves as leaders for years, some more than 20 years and for some more than 40 years. The Arabs demanded an end to these leaders and regimes. Which for some like myself as an Arab have not known any other leader apart from the current ones since I was born.

These protests started off in Tunisia then sparked across to other Arab countries, From Tunisia to Egypt then to Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.  These countries are the on-going Revolutions right up to now. There have been other small protests in other Arab countries which didn’t raise much attention and the people of the country quit after a while especially those countries where not so many people came out to the protests.

Protests and demonstrations turned out to campaigning in the streets, living in the streets which made a great impact on the success of these Revolutions.

Success in the term that these Millions of people succeeded in making their leader fall, Maybe not in the term that the country is now ‘fine’ because these revolted countries are not and are still out there demanding their rights and a new country. 

These countries paid a very high price, their leader did not give up so easily, Leaders fighted back with weapons killing thousands of people while the people remained ‘peaceful’. These people remained peaceful while being attacked and that is the reason which created so much attention around the world. And later on became very influential where not only in the Arab world but in other countries even in Europe where people went out to demand their rights.

Arabs became creative in their Revolution, they used Friday of the week which they would give a name to such as ‘Victory will come’. The reason I think they have chosen Fridays is that it marks the end of the week in the Arab world and it’s a special day for Muslims where every Muslim must go out and pray in their mosques. Due to all going out to pray many then later joined in the protests. Friday is the day where they all gathered around.

What causes it?

It all started when the now called ‘hero’ Muhammad Bouazizi, a Tunisian young man set himself on fire in a protest while alive which resulted in his death. For the reason “of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he reported was inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides”

He was a 26 year-old in university. He was selling fruit and vegetables in a cart to support his family..

While that was one of the causes of the Revolution in Tunisia, many went out not only against these policemen who humiliated Muhammad but for many reasons such as:

  • ·         POVERTY
  • ·         UNEMPLYMENT
  • ·         OPPRESSION
  • ·         BAD EDUCATION
  • ·         CORRPTION

Why it happened now?

For years people were scared to go out, because of what will happen to them, they will get caught put in prisons, killed or tortured to death.

But after Muhammad setting himself of Fire, the Arabs patience has exceeded its limits, people no longer wanted to be afraid, they wanted to go out and scream for freedom no matter what it could cost them.
I think that if news media and social networking didn’t exit or where not fast enough, these revolutions wouldn’t have succeeded at all. The social networking especially was a great impact on these revolutions. People started sending live updates from where they were at while being safe from being caught.

What is the aim of the Revolution

The aim of these Revolutions was/where to first make the regime and the leader to fall, to get rid of Tyrants, dictators and the corruption.  Then put these leaders on trial to pay for all their crimes committed against humanity since they day they started leading. Like Hosni Mubarak who was the president of Egypt who is now on trial. After that people’s main aim was to build a new country where freedom is available and all rights are given to all people.